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Eastah Weekend

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
Phew! Easter weekend has come and gone and for some reason it felt really busy. We kicked it off with a good old session of General . The messages were so targeted towards families, and teaching good principles in the home, and having a home that is a refuge. Love it!
(for those of you not familiar with the LDS religion, it's a bi-annual world conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, held in April and October, where members gather for five two-hour sessions to listen to instruction from Church leaders. It's broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah. Go here to learn more). .

Saturday night, we had a successful Scentsy party with the girls! All the new summer scents came in and it was a slammin time smelling them all and dreaming that it wasn't snowing outside (yeah. It was snowing).

The snow didn't stop us though and forced everyone to have an Easter egg hunt in my little living room. Scott hid all the eggs, so they were actually pretty hard to find. It was fun having a gold and silver egg with prizes inside!

As you can see, there were a few babies, and this little guy was so done after a while but we were having fun, and he was being so cute! Usually 3 year-old's just scream when they're bored, but he kept politely walking up to me and letting me know he was grateful to be there, but ready to go. Haha! What a fun little party.

Not to mention I made these little beauties:

Scott said he hadn't dyed eggs since he was 10, and this made me really sad. Just because we don't have kids doesn't mean we can't act like we ARE kids. So I forced my Easter enthusiasm on my husband as well.

We went over to Amber and Lucas's house for conference and made an Easter feast. Rolls, salad, lemon chicken and potatoes! When Amber busted out the lemonade, I was in heaven.

Hope everyone had an Easter as good as ours!