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Giveaway and Givaway Heads Up?

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
Hey! Don't forget to go to Erin D. Photography for a chance to win a photography package, a cute baby car seat blanket AND one of my frames/mini-journal sets! There are more chances to enter than there are to win, so have fun!


I've been wanting to do a giveaway myself for awhile now but I never felt like I had a enough followers. I'm at an even 20, although, this is debatable because I think I might be accidentally following myself. 20 doesn't seem quite like a "giveaway number" though.
BUT- this is officially my 95th post, which seems pretty darn close to 100 if you ask me. And EVERYONE makes a big deal over 100 things. Remember the 100th day of school? Or the 100th episodes of TV shows that maybe shouldn't have ever gotten that far (ug Sabrina the Teenage Witch...). Why not make a big deal about the 100th blog post? I've had this blog for YEARS. It's time it was celebrated.
I'm jumping the gun, but I wanted you to be on the look-out (you may or may not want to become an official follower now). There will be 100 of some kind of candy... anyway, if you know me, you know I'm good at themes. ;)

On a total opposite note: we think that Othello might have worms coming out of his anus. He gets this long stringy white thing that hangs out while he swims around. Sometimes the stringy thing is pink. We're not marine-biology-ist enough to tell if it's poop or if he really has something wrong with him. *sigh* Maybe we should just have kids and stop killing aquatic life.

Speaking of poop, everyone please pray for me this week that I will get at least a C- in my statistics class! It's gonna be close.