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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Les Bois

Carrie Lynn8 Comments
Boise: I'm in love with you.

The past few days have been so rockin, I can't even begin to explain. But I'll give it a shot ;)\

What I love about Boise, Idaho
-Family time! I haven't been home since Thanksgiving, so being able to see my family has been the best EVER
-Television. Oh how I've missed you. Oprah, where have you been this year? And it was SO nice to watch The Biggest Loser and Modern Family NOT on hulu a week/day behind.
-Downtown Boise. Let's talk about 70 degree weather, Moon's famous milkshakes, Sushi at the Boise Co-op, and and Anthropologie store. Can we talk inspired?! I have so many ideas.
(Don't forget that the "tea party" was having a protest at the capital. They bugged me, but it was very, very Idaho.)
-The Weather, The Weather, The Weather
-Scout. My little boston terrior who I love but who seems to love Scott more than me.
-Shopping. So many places to go, even if I don't have any money to indulge
-Krispy Cream free doughnuts
-The photo booth at Kmart

On the eastern Idaho front:
-My CRAFT BLOG IS BEING FEATURED ON UCREATE! Check out the side bar on their website!
-My happy mail partner, Roxy, got her happy mail package and seems to like it, which makes me SO happy
-We haven't had an update about our fish, but his worms have seemed to go away
-When we left, it was snowing.

Also: this is the 98th post! Two more before the giveaway!