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Me? At Girls Camp?

Carrie Lynn4 Comments

Girls camp happens every summer in my church for girls between 12 and 17. It is seriously some of the most fun I have had in my life. I remember going to girl's camp in Washington where we would stay up way too late but get up way too early so we could jump in the lake at 6am to get the "polar dip" bead to add to our certification necklaces. The trees, the sugar, the crappy crafts, the camp songs. My one regret in life is turning 18 and not being able to go anymore.

But all is not lost! I was just approached in church on Sunday and asked to write a skit for the girl's in my congregation that they can do at camp. As a bonus, I'm invited to come to girl's camp ALL WEEK LONG! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can smell the s'mores!

...oh yeah. I go to school in the summer semester.


Not to fear, however, I'm told I can come up whenever I want, especially to see the girl's perform their skit.

I can't wait.

Now, does anybody have any ideas on how to plan a 5 minute skit for 18 teenage girls?