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Deep Thoughts for the Weekend

Carrie Lynn2 Comments

Last night I kept waking up and having what I considered REALLY profound and deep thoughts. I wrote them down (which is the first time I had ever done that), so lucky for you you can take my wisdom with you this weekend:

  • "Ballerina's would never make it if it weren't for God and fears that chase them into walls"

  • "Losing weight isn't like losing weight"

  • "If I eat a loaf of bread, there will never be enough for mail."

  • "People are like socks that hide in deep burrows"

Yes. I know. My insights are too much for you to handle.

Scott and I are doing a divide and conquer routine this weekend for Mother's Day, and we are so excited to see our family's. Between him and I there will be 5K's, too much food, first birthday parties, and maybe a little letterboxing. Anyway, if there's a lull in the blogging this weekend, that's why. We are going to be busy busy busy. Also, hopefully there's sunshine where we're going this weekend since it's NOT showing me the love here.

Snow in May = I live in hell frozen over.