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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

:O) ...;)... :P ... :/

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
First of all, let's remember that my blog is called "Seeker of Happiness" and that's what I try to do. Seek happiness, I mean. But also keep in mind that you can not have happiness with out sorrow, and/or annoyance.

Five Phrases That I Will Never Say Because They Drive Me Crazy:

1. "Preggers/Prego" or anything besides pregnant.

2. Any reference to a human pet owner as "mom" or "dad" when talking about their animal.

3. "LOL" when I have not actually laughed out loud, or when in a face-to-face/phone conversation with someone.

4. "Live. Laugh. Love"

5. "You mean good morning?" ... You know, when it's midnight and someone says: "Good night" and then someone INSISTS on saying: "You mean good morning?"
I hate that.

Note: Don't be offended. I know that a lot of you, my dear friends, say some of these things. Please know that I still love you, regardless of the phrases/words that make me cringe. Because, let's face it, I probably say a lot of things that make your skin crawl.