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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

This is almost a repost...

Carrie Lynn5 Comments
I have been having issues keeping my mouth shut around my campus... again.

Just to give some of you an idea:
I live in Rexburg, Idaho which, if you search it on wikipedia, is the "reddest city in America." Scott and I live here to go to college at a conservative, privately owned, LDS university, BYU-Idaho. We love our school, and we love our town, we just have a hard time with some extreme conservatism that can plague the mob mentality of it's people. You might have seen our little town on CNN when a bus-full of second graders were chanting: "assassinate Obama." Commonly when I drive down the street, I am faced with this bumpers sticker:

Usually this bumper sticker is accompanied by Calvin peeing in the corner window, a NRA bumper sticker, and a dead animal of some kind strapped somewhere to the vehicle.

Because my opinion has stayed the same from LAST time I got upset about being resented for my political opinions, you can read my post from like two years ago about my feelings on this subject. Please know that now, I am a little bit older, and have chosen not to fight EVERY fight, but sometimes I just get TIRED of having to keep my mouth shut while everyone else shoves their views in my face with a redneck crew behind them daring me to say who I voted for.