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The Gift of Fear

Carrie LynnComment

So I just finished reading the above book, and it was AWESOME! I mean, I had heard about this book on Oprah a few years ago, but I never really wanted to read it. But something kept bringing it to my mind, so I figured: "I'll just read it and decide if it's me or the spirit later."
It was probably the spirit.
Basically, this book talks about following your intuition and not rationalizing away uncomfortable feelings. The author says we are given those feelings to warn us of danger. He is a firm believer that no violent crime "comes out of nowhere" but that if we know how to use our intuition, we can predict violent behavior before it happens to us.
One point I really liked was that we cannot confuse fear (intuition) with worry. When we worry, our judgement becomes cloudy, and then we WON'T be able to tell the difference between what our minds are making up and what our bodies are actually telling us to do.
The point is, this book was really good, and I think every woman in modern society should read it. If anything, to educate yourself a little bit more on how to predict violence toward you BEFORE it actually happens.

(Also- I am 858 points in the summer reading program, which got me a free pass to the Green Canyon hot springs! This book just put me at 1235, so I'm excited to see what I get for that mile marker! If you haven't signed up yet- you're really missing out.)