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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

"Oh! Are you pregnant?!"

Carrie Lynn15 Comments
About once a month I have SOMEONE ask me if I'm pregnant. Not like my friends that know us, but like, strangers and acquaintances that glance at my stomach and ask me if I'm pregnant. It's been going on for awhile now. Like, before I was married.

Once, it was a guy at a parking class. He asked the personal question while rubbing his belly. Yeah. I never wore that shirt again.

Another time it was a lady I visit teach:
"Are you expecting? We've all been so excited for you!"

What?! Who the crap are "we?" THEN she started talking about a lady in our church congregation who was ready to POP and she said:
"I didn't even know she was pregnant!"

You didn't know the 8 months along lady was pregnant, but you thought I was? Really?

It has been the husband of the couple we just met in our student ward. It has been the lady in the grocery store. It's been a 2nd grade class I substituted (not that I blamed THEM).

Seriously. About once a month. Like clockwork.

Well, as most of you know, I've been working hard to get my weight down. I've felt good- like the best I've felt in a long time. And yesterday I went to visit my friend Amber at the hotel she was working at. You know, due-in-4-weeks-Amber? Some COMPLETE STRANGER MAN walks by us and says:

"Oh how fun. You're both expecting aren't you?"

I didn't say anything. I really was speechless. Amber stumbled over some lame "oh she's just wearing an empire waist" excuse while I buried my face in my chest. He stumbled over some lame apology and hurried out the front door.

I cried.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I mean, I know that I don't have a flat belly, and I can arch my back something fierce, but I really focus on standing up straight and try my darnd'st to wear flattering clothes. Maybe I have a really skewed body image of myself. Maybe I really do look like I'm about to go into labor.

Either way, it is SO FREAKING RUDE to ask someone if they are pregnant unless they are like, hitting you in the FACE with their stomach. And even then, why are you asking?

I told my mom that the next time someone asks me that, I'm going to make them cry.
"YES!" She responded, "They make you cry!"

So don't ask me if I'm pregnant-or-just-fat because I will respond in the following ways:

-"That's a really rude thing to say seeing as I'm struggling with infertility"

-"Why are you ASKING me if I'm pregnant? What if I'm not? To me, your question really is asking: 'are you pregnant or are you just fat?"

-"I WAS 6 months pregnant..."

-"Yes. I'm due tomorrow."

-"I'm a virgin. And while we're asking personal questions: do you have any STD's or history of mental illness?"

Okay, okay.

And for those of you who are close friends and family of mine that lovingly inquire if I'm pregnant, please know that this doesn't apply to you. It applies to strangers/cameo's in my life who let all their tact go based off of the size of my stomach.

Really. It's just so rude.