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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

"This is too steep."

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*So I tried to upload some more pictures but Blogger is being buggy and not letting me move them to where I 'em. So in the meantime, just check out my facebook album.

After a 16 1/2 hour drive, Scott and I made it to San Francisco on, what I consider, a giant double date with my in-laws. The drive down actually wasn't bad, and luckily I love my in-laws and we had a lot of fun.

The highlights of the trip include:

-A jog on Stanford campus in GORGEOUS California weather

-Pier 39 and with the whole fam-damily.

-A seagull attacking my mother-in-law's shrimp at said pier.

-Ghirardelli square featuring an 86% cocoa dark chocolate candy bar. Mmmm!

-Taking about a million jumping pictures at Golden Gate Bridge to get a good one. The other tourists seemed slightly annoyed, but psh. Like we cared.

-Going down Lumbar street and laughing to myself as I pictured that scene in What's Up Doc?

-Singing the Full House theme song all. the. time. Whatever DID happen to predictability?

-Doing yoga in the Japanese Tea Gardens.

-Buying a rockin headband at a indie store on Haight and Ashbury (that store almost gave me a heart attack from happiness).

-Driving through Union Square.

-Having our Chinese waiter in Chinatown yell at us.

-Going to the beach.

Note: I haven't "gone to the beach" in close to ten years. I really can't remember the last time I got in a bathing suit, and went to play in the ocean. When I saw the ocean, I starting crying. I was reminded that I am truly a coastal baby at heart. I fell in love all over again.

-Attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business graduation which included a speech by the man who founded ebay and my brother-in-law being announced as an Arjay Miller Scholar! That means he graduated in the top 10% of his class. At Stanford. Intensity.

-Holding and kissing baby nieces all the days.

-"Helping" sister-in-law and brother-in-law move.

-Sleeping in the car on the way back home only to wake up and find my husband and father-in-law have taken a two hour detour driving through small California towns in search of good ethnic food. We got pizza.

-Driving straight to class from our trip.

All in all successful. I really loved San Fran. The people were cool and the weather was unbelievable. I felt so hip. That doesn't happen often.

But my mom-in-law said something that really made me think. She pointed out that we think San Fran is so great, but there are people all over the world that think Salt Lake City, Utah is a beautiful city and think we're so lucky to live there. And I mean, I do live in Rexburg but I live like an hour away from YELLOWSTONE and JACKSON HOLE. People from everywhere would say that's pretty lucky. And I appreciate it. I really do.

...But it was nice to see some different scenery and not have to worry about it snowing... ;)