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Women's Health Clinic

Carrie Lynn6 Comments
*Do not read if you are offended by women's health

So I have my yearly exam coming up. Of course, when I made the appointment with the health clinic, I didn't know that it was politely called a "yearly exam."

Stressed out women's clinic lady: "What's this appointment for?"
Me: "Um... a gynecological exam? A pap smear..."
Lady: "A yearly exam?"
Me: "Uh, I want to talk about maybe getting pregnant so is that-"
Lady: "Yeah, that's called a yearly."
Me: "Oh. Yes, I'd like that."

I felt like I was in a drive-through and wasn't ready to order.
Could I possibly have sounded anymore ignorant or crude? "I would like to schedule a doctor to go up my vagina and take a swab of my cervix please."