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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

It's an obsession.

Carrie Lynn3 Comments

I don't think there is a better smell than lavender. I'm serious, I'm in love with it. My relationship with lavender was an uncommitted one at first. Like that guy who's your friend and you know you have every reason to like him, but every OTHER girl likes him so you don't wanna be a cliche. But then you let your guard down for a SECOND and fall absolutely, head over heels in love.
That's how I feel about lavender.

I like the real stuff. The essential oil and products made with the essential oil. However, occasionally I find a "fake" fragrance I like (like French Lavender Scentsy that's discontinued for some reason...) but for the most part, it's the real stuff that gets me. I would bathe in lavender if I could.

I bought a lavender plant at a farmer's market in Utah. Sometimes I go outside just to sniff it.

I think, come September 5th, I'm going to have a lavender themed birthday party to ring in my 25th year of life.

There was a 5K in Utah on Saturday that was through a lavender field. If I didn't love my friends Liz and Jacob so stinking much I would have skipped their wedding to run the most relaxing race of my life. But Liz and Jacob only get married once, and there's always next year for the lavender 5K.