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T-shirt Collection

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
Some men collect guns, others, guitars. Some collect music, and some collect girlfriends.
My husband collects t-shirts.
There is no rhyme or reason to his t-shirt collection. In high school, he went to thrift stores and bought every t-shirt that had to do with Kuna High School. Why? No one knows. Other times, he just finds the UGLIEST shirts possible because he thinks they're funny.
I do not laugh at most of them.
He has yet worn this gem out in public since we've married:

He gets away with a lot of crazy t-shirts, but the above one I just can't handle.

I have an old acquaintance named Val who moved to New York and now I read about her life virtually and envy her adventures in running and doing yoga in times square. She has started a blog called the T-shirt Project featuring T-shirt's with a story. It's pretty awesome. We're submitting the above to the project.
They're having a giveaway right now for a T-shirt from Threadless, so you should probably check it out.