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Birthday Wishlists (Because I Can)

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
My birthday is in less than a week, which means I have every excuse to skim the internet for things I want and point and say "I wan' tha" like a two year-old.

Totally Impractical Birthday Wishlist List:

One of these dresses from ModCloth

The Harry Potter Complete Set

This Bike

An adorable reading nook

This light.

This paper cut-out

This bed.

A trip here.

More Practical Birthday Wishlist:

- Acrylic nails
- A 60 minute massage
- Mockingjay
- A clean house
- Anything that smells like lavender
- Restaurant/movie gift certificates
- Scrapbook supplies/Craft store gift certificates
- Books
- Clothes from Panache
- This hat
- A birthday party with friends