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My house is messy, but my blog looks great

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
So, those of you poking around here the past few days have probably noticed some changes. My blog has been having an identity crisis, and I finally worked up the guts to tinker with the new "template design" feature blogger has. I kind of like this result. It looks like the sun is setting in the upper left-hand corner of my little blog page. But I fear it looks to business-y. Thoughts?

(I need to give my apartment the same attention. I hate coming home from big vacations. Not only because it means your vacation is over, but you come home to a clean house that INSTANTLY turns into a disaster once you and all your stuff is back home. I finally got the suitcase unpacked, but now there's little trinkets left around my place that are slowly overwhelming me when I look at them).

I made a few crafty things before I left but never posted. I'll just show you dis I made for my best friend's bridal shower:

I love book clocks so much! I think they are so cute. These pictures don't do it justice, and I was in a hurry, but I love the design. Pretty sure there will be a few of these in the ol' etsy shop soon.

Also, if you haven't checked out Our.City.Lights Etsy Shop, you should probably go do that right now. I got my photos in the mail and they are AWESOME (perfect for happy mail).

Is this not the CUTEST?

Thanks Diana! I love them!