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Epic Washington Vacation Part II: Port Angeles/Sequim Olympic Game Farm

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
After Ensign Ranch, we traveled toward Seattle and soon took a trip to Port Angeles to visit my great-aunt Janiel. She has paintings and crafts all over her house and Scott looked at me and said: "Now I know where you get it from." And thinking about it, all of the women on my mom's side are super crafty and creative in one way or another, so I'm pretty lucky. This is Aunt Janiel with a tablecloth she made by hand:

Be impressed. That takes forever.

We met up with my Aunt Carrie and headed to Sequim Olympic Game Farm. I remember going to this way back in middle school, and it's been one of my most favorite family memories since then. This trip, though, was even better.

See, you buy some bread, and you feed animals. But this ain't no goat and llama petting zoo. This is a Zebra and Elk and Yak petting zoo. They literally do all they can to get INTO YOUR CAR to get the slice of bread. They smell bad and it is seriously hilarious.

The real fun starts though, when you get to the field of Bison. I don't know if you've ever seen a buffalo's tongue- but it's long. And purple. And smells really really bad. In fact, it kind of looks like this:

True or False: I dangled a piece of bread right in front of Scott's face which in turn made a full-size buffalo stick out it's tongue out about a foot and literally SQUIRM around our car in search for the bread, causing Scott to end up in my lap shouting
"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" and in the end, still get a little licked.