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EWV Part III: Port Townsend

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
FYI: The internet I'm using is 100% shotty, so that's why these posts are semi-short and sweet.
You should have seen me trying to watch Jamie's video of Raffle Winners... ug. This internet sucks.

After a lot of hand sanitizer, we left my aunts to go head to Port Townsend (another old family vacation place). On our way, we stumbled up on a LAVENDER FARM!

It was beautiful.
(But I ended up hating it because the lady that worked there was a BIZ and put me in a really bad mood. I truly hope she can go take an aroma therapy bath and pull that stick of lavender out of her butt, because no one should be that nasty when they work in the most soothing place ever).

Located in Port Townsend, WA is Fort Wardon, which was built by the US Army for protection of the Puget Sound. It was an active army base from 1902-1953 and it lines the coast with old cement bunkers that are more than fun to run around in and explore.

Flowers from Scott, who is sweet even when we're not in Idaho :)

At one point, I decided to climb a two-story ladder up a narrow and pitch black tunnel, only to realize it led to nowhere, and therefore I had to climb back down said ladder.

At the end of the day, we ended up at the beach, which I think is a pretty good place to end up.

Phew! There's so much to say! This was really only part three? We have three more to go folks, stay tuned.

P.S. Did you know that I got that adorable sweatshirt vest at Panache? Yeah, and if I bring in any of those pictures, I get 20% off any item in the store! Sweet! There's a kickin giveaway there right now, but I want the necklace so don't enter! Haha! :)