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E.W.V. Part V: Seattle!

Carrie LynnComment
Scott and I decided we would give my family a break from us and do a day in Seattle while they headed to relaxation. After the Mariner's beat the Rangers (!), my good friend Ryan risked his life in late-night, downtown Seattle traffic to pick us up from the game and take us back to his house where we stayed the night. Let's just talk about the Guptill Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. Ryan's family has the most beautiful home, and he and his mom stayed up late helping us figure out bus schedules for our Seattle trip the following day. The guest room was beautiful, complete with a chair and T.V. In the morning, Mrs. Guptill made us homemade blueberry muffins, and Ryan drove us to the bus stop. Honestly, we were treated like kings.

We took the bus into downtown and then took the monorail to the Seattle District where our first stop was the EMP/SFM (The Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum). Here's where I have a million pictures of a million different guitars and original song lyrics that Scott took. I'll spare you the semi-boring pictures and explanation of each one and show you the highlights. Here's where Scott wanted to spend the entire day:

(Those are dresses worn by THE SUPREME'S)

And of course, we went and saw the REALLY IMPORTANT Seattle monuments:

Next, we met up with my BEST FRIEND'S from my middle school days, Benn and Jasmine (who ended up getting married), and Benn's sisters. You know those friends that you can go without seeing for years and years, and then when you get together with them again it's like you were never seperated? That's how it is with Benn and Jas. We went out to a fancy-schmancy italian restaurant with food I couldn't pronounce... I somehow ended up with four slices of tomato with fresh mozerella cheese. I'm not complaining, though- it was so good!

Our friends left us at probably my most favorite place in all of Seattle: The Pike's Place Market.

You may have noticed the FRESH LAVENDER I bought for $5, or the beautfiul $5 bouquet of flowers I got for the people we were staying with. I could have stayed at Pike's Place for as long as Scott could have stayed at the EMP.

Scott and I had heard a lot about the underground Seattle tour, and after running across Pioneer Square, made it in time for the tour before we had to catch our ferry. For those of you unaware of the Seattle Underground history- I highly encourage you to look up the basic information about it here. Basically, Seattle was a "crappy," horrible city, and the people that lived there just built over it and started again. The old city is still underneath what we know of Seattle today and you can walk around in it with a funny tour guide. If you're ever in Seattle, this HAS to be on your must-see list. The tour was hilarious and delightful!

Above is our tour guide talking to us about the bank. The light above her is an old skylight, but is now apart of modern Seattle's sidewalk.

Dinner was here:

Because what's a trip to the Northwest without seafood?

And at sunset, we caught a ferry back to the place we were staying at. Let's just call it what it was: romantic.