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E.W.V. Part VI: Anderson Island- The Final Chapter

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
After a week of camping and sight-seeing, Scott and I met up with my family on Anderson Island (a teeny-tiny island in the middle of the Puget Sound) were we took life slower. I don't have many pictures of our stay on the island because, well, I slept a lot. And when I wasn't sleeping, I was doing things so relaxing, it was hard to remember to take pictures.

The island highlights included:

- The island itself. My mom's friend was kind enough to let us stay in her cabin. It was so quaint and perfect. No TV, and no radio. I'm told that a lot of artists own cabins on Anderson Island because it's so inspirational. We spent our time in the cabin reading, sleeping, and playing fan ball: a made up game of throwing ping-pong balls through a ceiling fan... don't ask.
The island was also full of my favorite flower...

-The most intense game of spoons ever played. There was yelling, tears, storming out of the room, and my dad diving across the table to get a spoon that fell on the floor.

- A gorgeous lake. Apparently, everyone went paddle-boating but I stayed home and napped and finished Travels With Charley.* I did go with everyone at sunset one night, however, to swim in the warmest lake ever. Had my entire family not been there, it would have been a picture perfect place to skinny dip, but I didn't even think of this until later.

- Picking blackberries. Scott was pretty intense in his determination to pick every blackberry on the island. As you can tell from the picture below, he is in shorts and a t-shirt and is way farther into the bushes than the rest of us. I think Scott alone was able to pick all the blackberries we had in the blackberry cobbler that night.

-Scott being on his cell-phone up to the last day of the trip. Hey- when you do sales, there's no vacation. This is him admitting it was obnoxious:

-The beach. I felt so close to God while walking on the beach on our last day at the island. I really wish I lived on the coast. There's nothing quite like it.

-Benn and Jasmine came to the island on the last day, and because we couldn't stop talking to them, we ended up on their couch in Tacoma that night.

Yesterday, we got in the car, and 12 1/2 hours later were back at home in Rexburg.


For those of you totally bored by my vacation chronicles, don't worry- this is the last installment.

Back to boring Rexburg and unpacking our suitcase...

*This is a plug for John Steinbeck who, I think, has become my favorite author of all time.