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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Happiness is right at your heels.

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
-Bertolt Brecht

I'm a pretty practical person when it comes to my foot wear. I have a pair of Doc Martin sandals I've had since I was 14 (that deserve their own blog post) that I wear almost everyday. I have 2 pair of black flats I got on clearance at Target for $4. In the winter, it's comfy Ugg knock-offs that keep me warm.

Because I go to church every Sunday, and on dates with my husband, I also have an array of high heels. Pointy snake skin and chunky wedges are in a much sifted through pile in my closet. I really don't WEAR most of these. I don't wear hooker heels to church- I feel too sexy and uncomfortable. Date heels are usually low wedges that allow me to mini-golf or play laser tag.
My feet haven't been in the 4" heels 19 year-old Carrie used to wear in a long time and scream in pain at me every time I even try them on with an outfit.
I haven't bought a pair of crazy shoes in a long time, because really, who needs 'em?
I feel confident about myself in my flats! I don't need heels to tell me my legs are GREAT!


But there's something about a good pair of kinky high heels a girl can't resist.

I may or may not have bought these for $9:

And they made me do things like this:

And you better BELIEVE I was the hottest thing in the post office/bank/grocery store that day.