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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

My babies are growing up.

Carrie Lynn2 Comments
So, remember when my tomato plant looked like this:

I thought THAT was luscious and good. But now it looks like THIS:

That blue ribbon on the right is the product of Liz, who, while watching our baby, jimmy-rigged it so it wouldn't topple over from it's weight. I guess we could buy a cage, but that ribbon is working just fine. There were 10 tomatoes welcoming us home yesterday.

Scott and I joke that this plant is our baby since we don't have kids.
"One of our little tomato's did the CUTEST thing the other day!"

We have a parental pride over our little guys.
...especially when one gets all grown up...

But we don't forget our OTHER children. Like our banana pepper plant, who is all ready to move out to a big, wide sandwich:

What am I going to do in the winter when I'm an empty nester?