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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn2 Comments

So we're currently in Utah state helping Scott's parents a little around their screen printing biznaz. I will post pictures soon, but they seriously have the coolest business ever and it's exploding. I also heard they have a really SEXY salesman.

Oh YEAH: it's my husband.

Anyway, I thought since I've been to their house and the shop and back I knew my way around their town, but apparently not. It's the most confusing place to drive. All roads in this area look EXACTLY THE SAME. Sprinkle in a tailgater or two, a billion roads being blown up by construction and you have Utah.

And everyone that lives here tries to give you directions:

"Head WEST."
-Do I look like I have a compass?

"Head toward the mountains."
-Well, there's mountains on either side.

"It's a GRID. It's not HARD."
-No other place in the world is mapped out as a grid, so how does that make it easier?

At one point, I came to a street that was 200 W one way, and Orchard Dr. the other way. And the cross street was 2600 S one way, and Orchard Dr. the other way.

So, here in Utah, you can stand on the corner of Orchard Dr. and Orchard Dr.

Good luck.