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25 Things to do While 25

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
Besides the list of things I completed while 24, this year has been a busy one for me. In the past twelve months, I have visited San Francisco, Seattle, Lava Hot Springs and Yellowstone. I have grown a garden and gotten paid to perform improv theatre. I have gone white water rafting, written a letter to a famous person (and got a response), read books, and passed statistics. I have gotten into the social work program and survived the first semester, performed in a Shakespearan play and gone ice fishing. I have refinished a piece of furniture, joined a gym, been in a room filled with candles, learned about essential oils and read books.

I feel accomplished. I feel good about myself. I feel ready to be 25.

25 Things I Want to Do While I'm 25

In no particular order...

1. Make a cheesecake

2. Graduate from college

3. Eat vegan for a month

4. Make soap

5. Blow glass

6. Start a family

7. Participate in hot yoga

8. Visit Las Vegas

9. Ride a bicycle made for two

10. Sing a solo

11. Run a 10K

12. Go to a lavender festival

13. Spend a day not knowing what time it is

14. Go to dinner and a movie by myself

15. Keep a dream journal

16. Canoe with a parasol

17. Participate in a religious tradition in a different religion than my own

18. Take a R.A.D. course

19. Do a random act of kindness to a stranger once a month

20. Sew a dress

21. Have a successful etsy shop

22. Keep a list of every book I've read while 25

23. Keep my spiritual goals

24. Donate blood (needles!)

25. Juggle