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I make dem Sylvester's proud

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on and off on re-doing my childhood dresser. It used to be puke green, baby blue and orange, but got painted bright white with bright red knobs. It's been through a lot, this dresser, and I was desperate to change it.

See this picture below? That's sparkling nail polish I spilled when I was in fifth grade. The scratches are from when I tried to get said polish off before my parents found out.
They found out anyway.

I was 1000% inspired by All Things Thrifty, a blog authored by the talented Brooke. She had amazing furniture transformations and I followed her tutorials exactly. She spray paints all her furniture, so I bought the brand she uses and watched countless youtube videos on spray-painting form. I also searched high and low for some small, decorative, wooden pieces to add to my dresser. Just when I was ready to give up, I found a set of four buried deep in the Halloween section of the scrapbook section of my craft store.
Who'd a thunk?

My friend Liz and I dragged my dresser outside. After sanding it and priming it we started the loooong process of spray painting it. It took about 5 cans of Krylon but it turned out great!

We sacrficed our bodies for the cause. This is AFTER I scrubbed my hands:

Then, following those tutorial's, I glazed my dresser with some black tinted glaze. Add some of the knobs my family gave me for my birthday and...


Isn't it ADORABLE?! I'm basically in love with it.
Want a closer look at those awesome knobs?

This picture shows what the black glaze did. See how it has that rustic look to it?

Anyway, I'm pretty freaking proud of this piece of work. My mom always redoes things in our house to save money and get the look she wants. After I was done with this, I called her and thanked her for every piece of furniture she has ever transformed. I didn't realize how much work and anxiety went into making old things look new and look great.

I really do adore my dresser. I keep going in my room just to stare at it. I demand compliments about it from everyone that comes into our little apartment.
Mostly, I just like to walk into our little bedroom and see this: