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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

On Summer and Books.

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
Did you know that Yellowstone is only a 90 min drive from our house? Jackson Hole is only 2 hours away. These are facts we use to manipulate people into coming to visit us.

Scott and I had our last summer hoorah last night when we went up to the Playmill theatre in West Yellowstone, MT. My bestie, Meredith was the lead in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers this summer and did such a great job. I didn't know, however, that Scott had never seen Seven Brides before or I would have warned him that the plot is pretty crazy. While the mountain men brothers were kidnapping the girls, Scott just looked at me like: "what the heck IS this?" To which I had to just shrug. Yeah honey, this play is based off of Roman rapists.

I feel like coming back home from Yellowstone officially ends my summer. And don't get me wrong, I've welcomed September with open arms, but I'm still sad. My friend Val always names her summers: "This was the summer of picnic's/Costco/Cape Cod."

I think, for me, this was the summer of John Steinbeck. I read Travels With Charley whilst on a major road-trip, and consequently began a love affair with John. I went back and read Of Mice and Men, again. I've been reading East of Eden the rest of the summer. Okay, so I've read a bunch of other books too, but I can't remember any of them right now because East of Eden is so... is so... IMPORTANT. I wish I could give you all a detailed description on how this book makes me feel, and what it's come to mean to me, but there are just no words.

Speaking of books, Scott finally decided to become a HUMAN BEING and read Harry Potter. For the very first time. He's usually a pretty slow reader, but he read half of it in one night. When we were driving up to the Playmill, he made me read it out loud to him in the car. Watching Scott get excited about Harry Potter is like watching a baby walk for the first time. There's excitement and cheers and pride from me, and amazement and a little confusion from him.

And speaking of books, I picked up Mockingjay in a bookstore and held it in my arms and a part of my little heart broke because I couldn't afford the stupid thing and now I have to wait until both my mom and sister are done with their copy before I can read it. It gave me a heavy desire to re-read the other two books, though. They were just so wonderful. One day, we shall be united, Mockingjay. One day.