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Soda Springs Chronicles

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I got a call from my best friend today: "I saw your blog... you're still, STILL raging? I was concerned."

Well, no need for alarm. By the time I calmed down Scott and I went out of town where I had no internet so I couldn't update and let everyone know that I wasn't a Johnny Raincloud anymore.

This weekend was really laid back and relaxing! Scott's parents rented a lodge for us all to stay in in Soda Springs, Idaho. It was a massive 6 bedroom thing decorated in 1990 (complete with raffia). Scott's brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Heather just moved to Soda Springs with their little baby, Charlotte, for Mark's job.

You know, just in case you were wondering why on earth we would choose to vacation in Soda Springs, Idaho.

The town ended up being a lot more quaint and cute than I expected but also a lot more quirky. Heather told me tales of showing up to shops that were closed just because the people who run the shops open them and close them when they feel like it. Must be frustrating when you're trying to get acquainted, but there's something hilarious and endearing to me about that too.

Did you know there's a GEYSER in the middle of Soda Springs? I mean, really, this place is money. We ate breakfast at the ol' Geyser Inn and Museum where you could watch the town geyser go off while eating your country fried breakfast.

Sadly, I forgot my camera at home most of the trip.

Mostly, the getaway was fun because I was surrounded by nieces who liked to play with me. We bought them mustache disguises we found at the grocery store and went on a hike.

The following conversation happened at the creek on said hike:

Sarah: "This is the stuff kids love."
Me: "Yeah, makin' memories."
Sarah: "Well, I meant playing in mud."

Me: "Claire, do you think we'll see a moose today?"
Claire (3 years old): "When my dad wah a kid, he haw a mooh pooping."
Peter (Claire's dad): "Um, I don't know where she got that. I grew up in Arizona."

Anyway, that was the weekend. Full of family and laughter and I really loved it.

And in case you didn't know, I also really love being with this guy and his beard.

He makes me the luckiest.