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Still Raging

Carrie Lynn7 Comments

You know what makes me mad?
I just found out that a bunch of people in my Child Welfare class read The Child Called "It" in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL! Like, 12 and 13 year old babies. I had a hard time swallowing that book, and I have to read some pretty crazy stuff being a social work major. But what makes me mad is that these kids read The Child Called "It" where a mother makes her 5 year old child eat his own vomit, but they're not allowed to read HUCK FINN.

... banned books make me maaaaad.

You know what ELSE makes me mad? The food industry. Because it's summer, I usually buy my groceries at the farmer's market, but the other day I went into the grocery store for the first time since I watched Food Inc. I almost passed out. I felt so lied to and angry.



Mostly, I hate breast cancer.

And when I find out it has attacked someone in my family.