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Sunday Reflections

"Sunday Reflections"Carrie Lynn4 Comments
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Every Sunday, I do a feature called "Sunday Reflections" where I post something I find inspirational (and ye be warned- usually pretty Christian). With yesterday being 9/11, I was feeling pretty passionate about all of the controversy surrounding the building of an Islamic Community Center two blocks from ground zero. I was confused because I had a lot of friends who I respect spouting a lot of things in opposition of this community center being built. I dug in and did a bit of research, and I honestly cannot find one reason why this center should be stopped.

I got pretty heated in my little heart, yesterday- really wondering if we learned ANYTHING from the tragic events nine years ago.

I was pretty determined to blog about my opinion today, but then I found this video. It's about a man who is a 9/11 survivor and how, through Christ, he was able to make his life better, and not worse. It's about 9 minutes long, but VERY worth it.

In the end, I realized that we, as a nation, just need to get back to the basics, like Victor did. Spend time with our families, and grow closer to the truths in our religions.


Okay, Okay. I tried to keep my opinion to myself this whole blog post but I just can't...

For those of you so ignorantly angry at the Islam religion and Muslims in general, just remember this:

Islam is to THE TALIBAN
Christianity is to THE KKK

That's all. God Bless.