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To V or not to V?

Carrie Lynn11 Comments

So I set the goal to be vegan for a month.
Am I huge activist against animal cruelty? Not really. I mean, I don't like it when people are cruel to animals (and I REALLY don't like it when corporations are cruel to animals) but I've never like, marched on the capital about it, you know?

My religion puts a really big emphasis on keeping your body healthy. I'm not saying that every member of the LDS church is healthy, but we're encouraged to stay away from alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, coffee and tea that is not herbal.

God has not only revealed a word of wisdom on what we should stay away from, but has given us guidelines of what we SHOULD do. For example: eat fruits and veggies that are in season, eat and use wholesome herbs, eat plenty of grain,

and eat meat... SPARINGLY.

Meaning it should not be used- but only in time of
"WINTER and of
COLD and of
FAMINE, and times of

This is a doctrine of my religion, folks.

I've always felt really strongly about this, but since setting the goal to be vegan for a month (mostly because I wanted to experience it), I've reanalyzed my commitment to the above guidelines. I've never tasted an alcoholic beverage or smoked a cigarette or took a hit of anything. I don't really have a problem with the stuff I've been taught to stay away from. I have had a problem, though, with over-eating and I DEFINITELY have not eaten meat sparingly.

So I've been praying a lot about this for the past few months. I've been praying about my body and what I put into it. I haven't made a final decision if I'm going to be a vegetarian or not. I am feeling pretty set on only eating meat, however, if it is winter, or if I'm "in famine." I don't quite have an opinion on dairy yet, but I want to eat vegan to see what it feels like.

I was planning on accomplishing my vegan goal in the summer, when it would be easier. But through thinking about this a lot, I have decided to be vegan for the month of October.

Here's why:
1. Squash is in season which is a great meat substitute
2. If I choose to not continue being vegan, I will be in a habit of not eating meat and dairy by the time the holiday's come around and therefore will be a lot healthier :)
3. We're not visiting anyone or traveling this month, so I can be in total control of my diet.

Anyway. That's my little rant about my decision to be vegan for at least the month of October. I'm going to need a lot of help and recipes from all of you vegan friends!

Help me! Tomorrow, I'm vegan!