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Weekend Re-cap

Carrie LynnComment
So this last weekend was both eventful and uneventful.
You didn't hear much from me because the days revolved mostly around the fact that my husband went out of town.
I didn't want to be like: "Hey rapists! I'm sitting at home all by myself making bread, come and get me!"

When Scott's dad called stressed out about some family stuff and 1700 shirt order that needed to be printed, Scott took MY car to Utah leaving me stranded. Rexburg is pretty small, so this wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't pouring buckets of rain the whole time I was stuck here.

Mostly alone, I did the following things this weekend:

A.) Started school. Here's the traditional first day photo complete with sack lunch:

Weirdly, my last semester of course-work also = the easiest semester for me yet. Seriously, 5 classes that I love and do well in. Bring it on.

B.)Auditioned for a play. We'll call it an "audition work-shop" as I'm really, really not expecting to make the show. Seriously, there's 3 women roles and I'm pretty rusty. But I really, really liked the auditioning process because for once in my life, I won't feel totally worthless if I don't make it. So, the process was fun and actually relaxing for me.

C.) Baked homemade bread that for some reason decided not to rise.

D.) Went to the farmer's market and got chicken, peaches, cucumbers and tomatoes.

E.) Had cinnamon rolls with Darcy and Brandilyn. It was so great being reunited with my girls!

F.) Tagged along with some friends to go to Barnes and Noble and Johnny Carino's. I got a book on dream interpretation and a shrimp, artichoke Caesar salad that knocked my socks off.

G.) Read East of Eden

H.) Cleaned the house

I.) Announced the giveaway winners.

J.) Kissed my darling husband a lot when he got back into town.

K.) Made homemade meatballs and French garlic bread for the first time in my life. The bread took a million years (rising's a biz). But it turned out pretty amazing town:

Here's to Mondays with spouses!