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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

It's been one of THOSE weeks

Carrie Lynn2 Comments

You know what I'm talking about. Not the kind of weeks that leave you angry and grumpy, but instead the kind of weeks that make you go: "what have I been DOING this week?!"

The kind of week when you plan a romantic pumpkin patch date with your husband but since he's trying to print a butter coupon you leave too late and show up when it's dark. So instead you end up shopping for a new pair of shoes for him, and for groceries at Winco.

The kind of week when all of the sudden you realize you're moving out of state in two months and you have to find an internship, an apartment and another car.

The kind of week where you accidentally skip class because you're scouring the internet for the above things.

The kind of week where you wake up for no reason at four in the morning and read Fablehaven until 6.

The kind of week where friends call you in the middle of a huge melt-down/crisis/depression and you have no idea what to do but hug them over and over again and worry later.

The kind of week where your husband stays up until 3am every single night reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The kind that has you cramming for a test you forgot about. Or realizing you double-booked yourself and have to choose between two really important events. The week of missed phone calls, awkward hi-how-are-you-good conversations and rotting pumpkins.

The kind of week where you somehow end up calling Nigeria.

Like I said, not a bad week. Just one of those weeks.

You know what I'm sayin?