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Reasons I love fall and a Small Giveaway

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I love autumn. I feel pretty redundant saying that to the blog world because I have yet to find a blog that says "I hate autumn because I hate color and happiness."

But I love blustery days with no sun and a good excuse to wear a sweater that's been sitting in my "winter clothes" box. I love making stew.

(That's vegetarian borscht that would knock your socks off)

I love baking 8 loaves of zucchini bread to get rid of all the zucchini in our fridge and STILL have some left over. I love taking those loaves to friends happy to receive. I love to see them shocked that the bread is vegan.

I love cuddling with Scott during rainstorms.

And I really love carving pumpkins. Which we did. On Monday. Usually I'm a three triangles and a jagged tooth smile kind of girl, but this year, we ventured out and followed a template. I think they turned out pretty awesome:


What's that? You noticed it was the 200th post today? You think I should do a small giveaway to celebrate? Don't mind if I do.

How about a nice copy of one of my most FAVORITE books of all time?

Perfect for cuddling up in your snuggie while your leaf-shaped sugar cookies bake.
I would know.

We're gonna make this real simple, folks.

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Tell me what you love the most about fall and sign your name!

I'll pick a winner on Saturday, October 16th

Thanks for reading this far!
I know my last few posts have been a bit wordy, but I have so much going through my head right now. I wish I was Dumbledore and could put a wand to my head and take out all my thoughts in a blue string of light and put them in a vat of memories so I don't have think about them.

But I can't be a wizard. So I'm a blogger.