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The Rexburg Zombie Apocalypse

Carrie Lynn6 Comments
Little Mrs. Caruso- your husband would have loved this.

Tonight, a bunch of us un-dead stormed main street in our little town. Seriously. There was stalking and grunting, and moaning, and thirst for brains. There was also some street vendors, live music and baby zombies, and of course- the Thriller dance.

It's a new tradition to have a "zombie walk" every year in downtown Rexburg- a Halloween parade if you will. And this year, it was a slight flash mob. Not as many people knew about it as I thought and it was fun watching everyone's reactions to us on main street.

There were also some "unsuspecting humans" in blue ribbons. When we spotted them, we attacked them and in the mist of the attack someone would put tons of make-up on them so they were zombie when we dispersed. Hilarious. We even attacked the live singer in the middle of one of his songs. What a great sport! He would change the lyrics to the songs he sang to stuff like: "Who's going to eat you tonight?" and "Save your last brains for me."

We went with our friends Liz and Jacob and had an absolute blast.

Here's some ghastly pictures of the event!

This is Liz. She won a prize for best zombie walk. The prize was a mutilated Barbie.

This is her husband Jacob. He went and got the car for us so we wouldn't have to walk far in the freezing cold.

This is my husband Scott. He didn't get any decaying flesh make-up because he got off work right before the zombie apocalypse.

This is me. The decaying flesh on my collar bone fell off. Which I guess was the point. Also, I was in the second row in the Thriller dance. I didn't know what I was doing so I moved to the back.

This is me marching with my fellow zombies. The ominous zombie in the front is Gary Benson- a professor on campus who organized this whole thing!

And last, but not least- this is us attacking Panache. Mostly because Brandilyn was out of town. She leaves for ONE DAY and WHAT happens? A zombie attack.