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Tribute Post to my Madre

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
Today, is my mom's birthday. Seriously! She's been pretty excited about her 10/10/10 since she was born, I'm sure. Right now, she's celebrating in Washington state surrounded by life-long friends who love her. She deserves that. Because she's pretty.

Because I was chastised for my excessive phone conversations during her weekend, I feel moved to tell you why my mom is so great. I feel a "top 10" list is fitting for the occasion.

Top Ten Reasons My Mom is Better Than Your Mom

1. She is physically incapable of lying. That means she will not tell you that you look good if you don't look good. She will let you know that you DO look fat in those jeans, and that you ARE in the wrong in that fight with your husband. It also means that when she says
"You look nice today- are those new jeans? They're very slimming! Maybe your husband will see how wrong he is once he sees you today!"
she means it.

2. The woman ages backwards. To see the befuddled and scrambled expressions on the faces of those too shocked that Lorna has a 25 year-old daughter is priceless. Every. single. time.

3. My mom's house is so clean, I would have open-heart surgery on her kitchen floor.

4. She teaches her family how to work. I think many could agree that in the world right now, parents don't want to make their kids "grow up too fast" by having them do chores. While my siblings and I don't love doing things around the house, mom has taught us the importance of keeping it clean so that it can be a place where the spirit can dwell.

5. Her broccoli cheese soup.

6. Mom expresses her desire to be healthy. She's not some body-builder/physical trainer, but she exercises regularly and tries her darnedest to be fit so that she can be around for a long time. Which is great, because one day she's going to make a fantastic grandma.

7. She planned my entire wedding from start to finish- including hand-making 475 wedding invitations that knocked everyone's socks off. Yeah. You read that right. 475.

8. She makes sacrifices for her family. She's been to every sports game, every play, every talk given in church. She's made costumes for school productions, helped with poster's for school projects and, if you wanted, will help you practice your speech/talk until she has it
memorized too.

9. My madre is always thinking about others. Family, friends, strangers- she always has someone on her mind that she feels like she should help.
Once, there was a family who had some financial struggles. The dad had been out of a job for something like two years. They had a son who lived a state away living in a place to receive help for a serious physical condition. These parents had not seen their son in over a year. My mom rolled up her sleeves and set her mind to giving this mother the best mother's day she could think of. As a family, we went around to businesses and asked for donations to help this family.
In the end, on mother's day, the mom was surprised by her son at the airport. The rest of the day was filled with free tickets to a local arcade, movie theatre, dinner out and a family portrait to monument the occasion.
I know I will never forget that.

10. Finally, my mom has taught her family, through example, that following Christ is what will make you the happiest. And that is the very best part of having her in my life.

Happy Birthday, Madre!
Thank you for being my giving tree.

Love, Carrie Lynn