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We're All Ears

Carrie Lynn8 Comments
My friend Anna was surprised by her husband with a copy of Disney's Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and it got me all nostalgic and fuzzy thinking about those AWESOME Disney Channel Original movies from the early 2000's.

Remember these?:

Zetus Lupetez! I'm pretty sure I need to find hot pink leggings and a blue mini-skirt
so I can be Zenon for Halloween!

"None-Ya what?"
"None-Ya business."

I remember when EVERYONE thought this Riley Smith guy was the hottest things since *NSYNC

I freaking loved this movie.
...You know, back before Lindsay Lohan became a drug addict.

Surf's Up Brah!
C'mon. This is EVERYONE'S favorite.

This is probably my personal favorite. The single-dad family moves into a technologically advanced house and it ends up taking over!

I can't list all the D.C.O.M's I love, but let's leave an honorable mention for:
-Halloweentown (arguably the WORST D.C.O.M. ever)
- Jett Jackson the Movie
- Phantom of the Megaplex
-Cadet Kelly
- And that one with the Sister Sister twins who turn their Grandma and Grandpa into teenagers again.
That's a classic.