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Another person I love

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
So, today is day 7: a photo of someone you love. I post all the time about Scott. And you've heard plenty about my mom, and my friend Anna. But I realized I have never talked about my bestie, Meredith. Get ready. She's gorgeous.

Here's the great thing about the above photo: the awkward hand in the mist of beauty.
When you first see this picture you're like: "holy cow that girl is gorgeous!" and then that gorgeous girl will say "haha! Look at my awkward hand!" and then we'll all crack up. Because Meredith is beautiful, but she's also silly. Talented, but goofy. Smart, but spontaneous.

Murdah and I have been friends since 2004, and yesterday we were talking about how long that is. Because I'm moving next semester. And Meredith pointed out that we've been friends longer than high school.

We became friends when we did Steel Magnolia's together. For both of us, it was our first show in college. We were nervous and intimidated. I cracked a joke about her entering a scene like Peter Pan and BAM we were friends. We moved in together the next semester.

I think we would still be roommates if I hadn't gone off and gotten married. Luckily, for us though, we're still close friends.

I love her.