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In an ever-changing world of music...

Carrie LynnComment
Today is day 8: a photo of your favourite band/musician.

This is impossible.

If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have said Jason Mraz. But I don't like his new CD as much as his old ones... or his new cocky attitude. Seriously, you can hear the narcissism in every song. You're still a genius, but geniuses are only as good as their humility, Mr. A-Z.

Maybe I could say Weezer. I really love Weezer, but Scott is the one that truly introduced me to their genius so I feel like a poser saying they're my favorite.

In the end, I chose a band that, by posting their picture, I know will put me at high risk for scoffs.

But I come back to the Dixie Chicks time and time again. I guess that qualifies as a favorite, right?

I only have their Fly and Home albums, but I love them. I love those albums so much. I don't think the Dixie Chicks are pop country. Okay, maybe their clothes and their concerts are, but their music is not.

The music blue grass. It's beautiful. Sometimes, it makes me cry.

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And when my husband the music-snob likes it, you know it's good. Because on road-trips, I want to listen to the Spice Girls and the Wicked soundtrack. Scott wants to listen to Metallica and classic rock.

So we listen to the Dixie Chicks. This is the only CD we can agree on while driving.