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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn2 Comments
I am a Scentsy consultant. Yup. I'm one of those.
I sell wickless candles, homemade frames in my etsy shop, and have a blog. I also drink Diet Coke. If I called myself a "photographer" just because I had a nice camera- my nickname would be TAMN.

But seriously, folks: I freaking love Scentsy. My house ALWAYS smells like some yummy goodness. Right now, it's Eskimo kiss, but give me a week or so and it WILL smell like a Christmas Cottage (you know, like how all those "year-round Christmas" stores smell).

On Saturday, my friend Darcy hosted a Scentsy party*. There was food (mmm... garlic biscuits...), drawings, prizes and lots of sniffing. I love being a consultant because I just really love the parties.

I'm not a hard-core Scentsy-lady though. I don't do big fairs or fundraisers (although I'm not opposed) but I just like to get together with girlfriends, look at pretty stuff, and smell pretty things.

Scentsy is this: Basically, you have a classy Scentsy warmer (like the one pictured above) and some bars of good-smelling wax. You put the wax in dish of the warmer and it is melted by the heat of a light-bulb. You can then change out the wax whenever you want! I love not being committed to one expensive candle at a time.

Scentsy is also offering some new things this Christmas season including this ADORABLE stuffed animals! You put a Scentsy-pak in them so they smell good!

There are also plenty more new products including Nursery mid-size warmers for babies, smell-good hand sanitizer, and military theme warmers!

Now for some SHAMELESS self-promotion (get over it. I don't do this very often):

If you don't live by me, but would like to have a Scentsy party, I can ship you a "party in a box" complete with free items, sample smells, order forms and catalogs.
All you have to do is get together with some friends and collectively spend $150.
As the hostess, you would then receive 10% back of what you sold at your party in FREE PRODUCT and a half-off item.

If you don't want to do a Scentsy party, but would like to order some stuff for the holidays,
puh-leese order through


*This is day 16: a photo from the last party I went to