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Carrie Lynn1 Comment
Today, I'm supposed to show you a photo from my favorite film. I feel like I have a lot of favorite films, and, like Liz did, I could put together a little collage for you.

But I'm a pretty passionate person, and sometimes, I think I have the heart of a pixie.
You see, pixie's are so small, they can only feel one emotion at a time.

I love all things Peter Pan, and that includes the beautiful film, Finding Neverland. It's one of those films you could watch with the sound off because it's so stunning. But if you turned off the sound, you would miss the delightful soundtrack. Which I own separately, and listen to often.

Don't get me wrong- I also love the movie Hook. And the classic (howbeit politically incorrect) Disney Peter Pan. But something about the word "film" made me post Finding Neverland today.

Just talking about this film makes me want to make a cup of apple cider and cry and cry at the end and then go read a chapter of Peter and Wendy and remember that all of life is magical, and that growing up is not bad if you remember the magic that used to happen.

Because, after all: all children, except one, grow up.