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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

A Couple of Incredible Things And How They Came to Be

Carrie Lynn5 Comments
Incredible thing #1:

When you look at this picture, you might think to yourself, "a tacky lava lamp... so what?"
But it's so much more than a tacky lava lamp. That lava lamp cost us probably about $15 and every Friday night in Rexburg since September.
We have lived in small college town for a while now, and there's not much to do if you're not out to find your future spouse. This leaves Scott and I doing the following every. single. weekend:
Go to We're Twisted and get a pretzel (buy one get one free)
Go to the cheap theatre on the $10 date
Go to the local arcade and play Deal or No Deal
This last semester, I told Scott I wanted to save up and get a lava lamp. It was our goal, and it was getting tricky to reach because it was 2650 tickets. Last night on our typical date, we realized we had only saved up about 1400. Because we're moving, there was no way we could get the lava lamp without spending like $20. We were sad, but I told Scott we could come back the next day and if we didn't hit some sort of jack-pot, we'd just spend our tickets on candy necklaces, giant pixie sticks, and neon vampire teeth.
Meanwhile, in line ahead of us was a married couple with a 3 month old baby. Apparently, their Friday night consisted of almost the exact same activities as ours- but they had like 4500 tickets. They got the thing they wanted and then... AND THEN! they gave us the rest of their tickets so we could have our lava lamp.

So, it might look like a tacky lava lamp to you, but to us it's bloby blue lava represents date nights and the charity found in small college towns.

Incredible thing #2:

To you, these might just look like a tiny bunch of spray roses that should be in a bigger bouquet and not in my house since I'm trying to pack.
But a rose is a rose is a rose and Scott brought them home to me when I was grumpy and said: "Happy 20 month anniversary." And I hugged him. And I kissed him through blurry eyes. Because on your 3 month anniversary a bouquet of full-size roses makes you squeal with glee at your
But on your 20th month anniversary, the $5 bouquet of roses because money is tight makes you want to cry. It makes you instantly ungrumpy. It makes you grateful.
And you know what? It'll sit in my lap all they way down to Utah.