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On fashion blogs

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
Here's the thing about fashion blogs: I don't understand them.
That's not to say that I don't understand people who LOVE fashion blogs- sure I do! One of my best friends, Brandilyn is a fashion blogger herself! You know. Because she owns a clothing store.
I feel the same way about ElsieCake- she owns a clothing store = can talk about fashion (although, I can't read that blog everyday either- but that's a whole other post).

Maybe I'm just a weird, self conscious person, but usually when I see something posted on the internet by some proclaimed expert, I'm looking for something that's going to blow me away. And quite frankly, most of the fashion blogs I've looked at out there are one or more of the following:

A.) Clothes that only look good on women who are size -0
B.) Clothes that are far too revealing to get away with a "quick trip to the grocery store"
C.) Clothes that are wrinkled
D.) Clothes from Salvation Army that should have stayed at Salvation Army
E.) Clothes from Nordstrom/Anthro/Some other ridiculously expensive place that everyone says is "sooooo cute" simply because of where it's from
F.) 6+ horrible, horrible poses in 6+ pictures of the same outfit

Honestly, I'm trying to find a good fashion blog, here, folks. The only one I follow and actually take ideas from is Cats & Cardigans.

So, any help, here guys? Are there any fashion blogs out there that don't have A-F within them?

Truly, I'd like to be proved wrong in my irritation. HELP!