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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

On a note totally unrelated to moving or finals:

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
I just saw a commercial advertising a smart phone that can find your car for you. I found out a different smart phone can also do this for ITSELF. At first- I was sold. I lose my phone and my car ALL the time, and pretty soon, they'll have some button I can dial from my pocket and I'm sure I'd be able to find my keys too. Or, the smart phones will just turn INTO keys. Or a car. Who knows?

But then I got really angry. Because why should I press a button and have everything given to me? Why can't I work a little bit harder and just find my car on my own? The fresh air is good for me! And seriously, I have had so many powerful and faith-building experiences associated with prayer and finding my phone and my keys- I wouldn't replace those for anything.

Further, I'll tell you what I don't need more of: Facebook. Or Google telling me what to do. There, I said it.

Am I diminishing personal value here because there' s noway I can fathom affording a smart phone?

But seriously, folks...
Sometimes, I just need to call people.