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Sick Days / Back to our regular programming.

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
Some people love taking sick days. And I can see why. You know, you have a guilt-free day off from work and school and to everyone else it looks like you're just eating warm soup and catching up on T.V. I myself have been guilty of envying the sicky away from work. I grumble that I wish I could catch a cold and skip the stress of people in my office and deadlines in my classes.

But then I get sick. And I realize that while I fantasized about my snot-nosed friends enjoying their "time off" I had forgotten to add the three rolls of toilet paper crumpled up sheet by sheet surrounding the T.V. I forgot to add the pounding head, and the 3 hour naps. I forgot to add how quickly one gets sick of canned soup and saltine crackers. I forgot how loudly your body screams for orange juice but won't let you get up off of the couch.

Sick days do NOT equal days off. If anything, I have worked harder these last two days than the whole semester combined.


Enjoy your able-bodied work day.