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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

A Conversation With a Pregnant Lady.

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
Me: "Scott look at this website of yummy recipes..."

Scott: "Oh that looks good! That one makes me want pot stickers."

Me: develops overwhelming-pregnant-esque craving for pot stickers
"GASP! Scott you have to go get pot stickers right now!"

Scott: "What? No! It's 9:30!"

Me: "You have to go buy them and make them for me right now! You're good at making pot stickers! It's pot stickers that got me to say yes to your marriage proposal! PleasePleasePleeeeease?"

Scott: "No. That's bad, I'm not doing it. Pot stickers are like $90."
Me: Very serious "I will fold all of the clothes if you go get me pot stickers."

Scott: Very serious "That's not fair. I really hate folding clothes."

Me: "I will fold all the clothes and put them away if you go buy and make me pot stickers. The offer only lasts as long as craving."

Scott: "This jacket zips on the wrong side because I got it in Canada" Exits in 10 seconds flat.