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A Surprising Story Regarding Kids at a Restaurant

Carrie Lynn3 Comments

For most of us, we think of the above when we think of sitting across from a young family at a restaurant. Crazy, screaming kids and their parents who seem so desperate to have a night out they decide to ignore the deafening cries and flying food.

Tonight, Scott and I went to Chile's. We don't ever go out to eat (except for splitting the occasional $5 footlong at Subway) so I was weary when a couple sat down kitty-corner from us with three small children. Probably around the ages of 7, 5, and a little less than 2. I braced myself for what I assumed would be our loud dinner partners.

Can I just tell you how well-behaved these kids were?!
I was so impressed! And when the 2 year-old screamed and threw her crayons, it didn't take mom longer than 5 seconds to grab the little girl, the car keys, and be out the door.

So THAT'S why the other kids are so good.

Naturally, the littlest one was a mess by the end of the meal, but as we left and they finished I wanted so badly to thank them for their restaurant manners. I couldn't find a way to say it, though, with out it sounding like: "I've been staring at your children for the past hour and I like them."

But this is what blogs are for right?
I raise my blogger-glass to this family that fought against the stereotype at Chile's. May I follow their example when I have kids.