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To Snap or not to Snap?

Carrie Lynn6 Comments
So far, things in Utah have been great. The people I am going to have to associate with face to face on a regular basis have been kind and willing to help, and I went shopping at the Gateway which made me feel like that part of the Wizard of Oz when everything goes into color.

Logistically, however, everything is awful. And by logistical, I mean the fact that EVERYTHING is a 20 minute drive away.
Or that the most unkind drivers in the world somehow all banned together to live in the Salt Lake Valley.
Or that Wal-Mart's produce is always rotting.
Or that we live 1 min away from an LDS church, but to get to the one we're assigned we have to putter 6 minutes up hill (seriously folks, when it snows, we're not going to church. We won't be able to).
Or that University of Utah turns out to be like BYU-Idaho in that their systems break down on the first day of school too.
Or that my car is out of windshield washing fluid and I couldn't see anything.
Or that Scott's parents took the business GPS on vacation so I almost got into like 6 accidents today trying to read my Mapquest paper, which is soooo 2007.
Or that our grant money still hasn't come in yet.

You know what I mean? It's like in this great place with mountains that turn majestically purple around 4pm I AM HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!

And Scott is having them too even! I feel like I have been pretty calm through all of these- taking a deep breath and saying to myself: "well, I missed that class because I couldn't register for it, but I'll just email the professor and the best I can do is go next time."

This technique has been working.

Because I don't freak out when big problems arise. I'm pretty good at breathing through those. Scott will snap though. Like he did today. I don't blame him. Anyone would have snapped if they had the day Scott did.

But I don't snap at big stuff. No. I snap at how disorganized my tupperware cabinet is. I snap at the internet going out. I full out bawl my face off when I miss a turn. And Scott looks at me like I'm a lunatic and I just cry and say: "You Just DON'T GET IT!"

Because he doesn't. Because he freaks out about once every other month like a normal person when things have gotten really really bad.
And I freak out about once every other week when I can't find my keys.

Does anyone else do this?