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Dear February,

Carrie Lynn2 Comments

Listen. I'm sorry. We haven't really gotten off on the right foot have we? I mean, I let my break-up with January and all the bitter feelings I had left over from THAT relationship get in the way of OUR relationship. So let's start over.

Hi, I'm Carrie. I'm a Virgo who has a tendency to get really down in the winter and I'm looking for a month that can bring me cheerfulness and love.

Oh, you have an ENTIRE day dedicated to that you say? Perfect. I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship (even if it's a week late).

I promise, February that I will give you more attention. I promise I will put up some Valentine's day decoration up in my house to remind me to love. I promise I'll create something for someone special. I promise to wear red and pink! Together!

But you have to give me some credit, too, February. Didn't I bake a chocolate cake for no reason at all last night and top it with pink and red sprinkles? Didn't I buy heart-shaped earrings to wear next week and a little black dress to go with it? Didn't I plan on making my husband dinner for ALMOST every night?

I know. I know. I can always do more. But promise me this: that you will be warmer outside than you look. That when you want to weep with snow, you weep with rain instead. That my family will make it here to visit me safely and that when I find out what gender my baby is it will make me feel more love than I have ever thought possible. Okay?

I don't feel like I'm looking for much in this relationship, my dear month. I just need to know that I am loved and that I'm going to be okay. I think that maybe together we can accomplish this if we just try a little harder.

Let's not give up on "us."