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I am a horrible person

Carrie Lynn7 Comments

Because when I have a bad day, there is NOTHING I like to do more than sit down with a nice glass cup of wild berry herbal tea, a slice of chocolate cake, and 2 full hours of The Bachelor...

...and then I make fun of it RUTHLESSLY. In my head. Because if you knew how catty I can get, you probably wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore. There are very few people I let it all out to when it comes to my bachelor show. Three actually.

If you're thinking about watching The Bachelor because you think it will be so dumb it's funny, you're right on track. But heed this:

You will not make it through the whole season unless you buy into it at LEAST 10% of the show. Let's face it folks, it's crappy reality television and if you are 100% aware of that you will change the channel in disgust.

10% of you needs to believe that one day it will be possible for you and the love of your life to repel off a waterfall in Costa Rica (and not cry about it). 10% of you needs to honestly believe that in this one, "unique" situation, it's okay for a man to cheat on his girlfriend. 10% of you needs to buy into the shows ridiculous claims even though the plot is the same season after season. Think of it like reading Jodi Picoult novels... sure there's some twists and turns, but the set-up is the same and you can usually guess the surprise ending. But you like it anyway because the characters are likable.

I love this show. Because for 2 solid hours, I forget about all the people that made my life hell that day and focus on Bachelor Brad's "journey," Chantal's hideous cocktail dresses, and the sad (yet not surprising) fact that Michelle is indeed from SLC.

Happy watching!