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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Seeing my daughter in black and white.

Carrie Lynn3 Comments

I slept better last night than I thought I was going to. For some reason I thought I would toss and turn and dream out of excitement, but I slept sound and steady.
Waking up, I had an anxious feeling in my stomach. I noticed that Scott was wearing a nice button up shirt- something he only does when we go on dates.
All morning I felt like I had some big interview. Like I had someone I had to impress. I sat in my closet for a good thirty minutes looking for something to wear.

Technically, I didn't meet anyone new today, but when I saw her on the ultra-sound screen, I realized that the person I was preparing to meet was my own inner Mrs. Darling. A meeting that solitified that I have become a mother.
What do you wear for a moment like that? The moment when you realize you're not just pregnant with some wierd parasite or illness? The moment that hits you from out of nowhere that you have a DAUGHTER, not a baby bump. What do you wear for that besides a smile and a pair of glossy eyes?
Today I am feeling grateful. I am feeling confident. I feel like everything has changed. I feel peace.