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10 Pet Peeves

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We can't know the happiness without recognizing the crap, right?

10 Pet Peeves

1. When bloggers try to post a satire but SUCK AT IT so it just ends up sounding like mean, pointed sarcasm.

Example of bad satire:
"Oooo! Look at me! I'm a mom blogger and I don't have anything better blog about then baking and pictures of my baby- I'm soooo cool!"

Example of good satire: Read this blog.

2. Bloggers who, for some reason, are SO BOTHERED by fashion bloggers. I've read so many posts lately with people who are like:
"Do these girls really think people care that much about what they wore that day?!"

To which I always respond in my head:
"Do you really think people care about what YOU have to blog about? What makes what you're expressing so much more important than what they're expressing?"

To make matters worse, the complaining blogger usually ends up saying something like:
"Don't get me wrong, I read a few fashion blogs..."

I don't get this.

3. Bridal/baby shower invites that tell you what to do. Ever gotten a bridal shower invite that tells you that you MUST bring a gift to correlate with an assigned time of day? Or that you MUST bring a recipe as your gift? Or you MUST bring something for the bride to decorate her home with? Or the baby shower is a "diaper shower" and you have purchase an expensive diaper while at the party? I have gotten all of these, and every. single. time it makes my blood boil.
It's like the invitation is saying: "Yeah, uh, we don't think you know the bride well enough to know what she REALLY needs nor do we think you're creative enough to give her something special so just give her this okay?"
If I'm going to show up to a bridal or baby shower, I will bring a gift and it is tacky for you to tell me what that gift should be. I will give her what I want and can afford! Luckily for me though, I have never followed the gift giving directions and I have never had the bride or mom-to-be complain to me later.

4. When people show up to a shower with NO GIFT and yet they eat the food, take a favor and win a prize. You people are the reason people send out bossy invitations! I have thrown showers in the past where NO ONE comes with a gift and I am baffled. I think it's so rude to the host and to the person it is in honor of. What do you think they meant by a "shower?" You're supposed to "shower" the person with gifts, you moron!

5. That game people play at baby showers where they melt a chocolate bar in a diaper and then you have to smell it and guess what it is. Sick.

6. When people read over my shoulder while I'm typing. I'm not done with what I'm writing yet! If you want to read it, I promise I will let you know when I'm done! Meanwhile, your breathing down my neck makes me anxious and causes me to make more mistakes than I would have if you had not been looming over me!

7. When someone corrects me when there is no need to be corrected. Like if I say: "The mall is like 10 miles away" and they say: "Well, TECHNICALLY it's 12 miles away."
Does adding the extra two miles I rounded down from make you feel like a genius or something?

8. Bloggers who leave angry comments on posts that say something like: "Well OBVIOUSLY you don't have MY life because what you just said could NEVER work for me."
If it doesn't apply to you, then why do you care? It's like if I went to some backyard gardening blog and left angry comments about how I CAN'T grow squash because I live in an apartment.

9. Punch cards at stores that are not worth it. Like, you get one punch for every $10 you spend and after 50 punches you get 20% off. Thanks for telling me $500 is only worth a 20% discount.

10. Really big headbands on really small babies. Ug.

Feel free to vent any of your own pet peeves! I'll come back later tomorrow or something with a post about 10 things that make me happy, because there are more things that make me happy than there are things that bug me.